How To Get Rid Of Termites: Consult A Professional Or Try DIY?


Termites are social insects that eat wood by feeding on the cellulose contained within it. The damage caused by these insects can be really huge. The activity of this insect is devious and cryptic. So, which is the best solution between DIY remedies and hiring a professional?

  Do-it-yourself remedies to get rid of termites

Once you have established the type of termite you have at home, it is necessary to intervene with specific protocols. The disinfestation of termites, in fact, requires specialized and not improvised interventions. Do-it-yourself systems are not the right solution. 

·Boric acid 

Boric acid has fully entered as the panacea for all pests or annoying insects. It is proposed in various blogs as a natural insecticide product. It acts both directly and by ingestion. However boric acid does not work for either termites or ants. 

This substance, used by contact, only kills the termites it comes in contact with. However, it does not reach the termites inside the nest, and in particular the royal ones. 


Camphor has a mild repellent action against insects. It does not protect the wooden structures from the attack of termites. It is not enough to put a little camphor in an environment to prevent termites from attacking beams, parquet, and furniture in the house. 


·Nematode worms 

Nematode worms is used for biological termite control. Some nematode species are parasites of various insects, including termites. Their use involves a dilution in water of inoculum of these worms. The solution is then sprayed directly on the termites and on the attacked environments.  

The problem with this treatment is that although it can kill some specimens, it certainly fails to exterminate an entire colony. Under laboratory conditions, these nematodes appear to demonstrate some efficacy.  


·Insecticides and fumigant cans 

Insecticides are toxic substances that act on the nervous system of insects (and humans). The use of insecticides is not recommended for the disinfestation of termites. The fumigant cans, liquid, or powder insecticides are completely useless.

In fact, insecticides:

  • They kill termites with which they come into contact but fail to hit those that are in the shelter of the nest or earthy walkways.  
  • They do not reach the royal couple at all, which can thus continue undisturbed to produce new termites.  
  • Insecticides interfere with the bait system which, as we will see, is the only viable and professional solution. In fact, insecticides disturb the normal foraging activity of termites which cannot thus be approached with the bait system. 
  • Not to mention that insecticides are dangerous substances for humans, they dirty and poison your home, without obtaining any results. 

Precise identification of the termite species

The precise identification of the species can be done through our inspection or through our vision of photos of the attached materials. The damage caused to the wood, the presence or absence of earthy walkways, the presence or absence of characteristic barrel feces, etc. must be observed. 

Another way to understand the type of termite is by observing the winged breeding birds during the swarming. The breeders can be identified quite easily, allowing us to trace the type of termite. 

If you notice that you have termites, do not hesitate to contact a professional, like The best termite company in San Diego will know: 

  • Help you recognize the type of termite that is infesting your home.
  • Advise you on the ultimate strategy to eliminate them forever from your life. 

Now we will examine the various types of definitive treatments that our technicians put in place to disinfect termites. We can distinguish treatments on dry wood termites and treatments on underground termites.