How to Maintain Each Part of a Cold Room

Maintaining each of the parts of a cold room correctly is key to optimizing performance, consumption, and useful life.

Monitoring of a series of key points such as doors, ceilings, floors, valves, damaged doors, and refrigeration equipment is mandatory by all commercial refrigeration contractors.

Wall Maintenance

Wash the sandwich panel with a mixture of water and a neutral type detergent, and immediately rinse with water and dry with a cloth, in order to prevent the panel from getting wet.

For more difficult or persistent stains, be careful rubbing with a sponge soaked in a suitable cleaning product without ever changing the appearance of the base to be cleaned, and rinse afterward with plenty of clear water.

Ceilings and Covers Of Cold Food Rooms

It is convenient to visit the roofs periodically to verify the good condition of the roofs, the ventilation of the areas, and that the suspension or hooking systems of the roofs are in correct conditions.

The tightness of the joints between panels is designed keeping in mind that there are no temperature losses for the cold food equipment, but the water can leak. Under-roof condensation or deterioration of these roofs can cause water to appear on the roof, penetrating between the joints and the materials, causing and forming ice.

Floor Maintenance

Essentially, in freezer rooms where insulated flooring is needed, the following points must be checked periodically depending on the installed system:

  • The natural draft of the ventilation system.
  • Check the forced ventilation operation system.
  • Check the floor heating resistance system.
  • Check the correct functioning of the fluid circulation.
  • Do not forget that it is mandatory to review the corresponding alarm(s).

Floor cleaning should follow similar guidelines to wall cleaning, not using abundant water to avoid leaks through the joints and thus cause subsequent ice on them. It is better to use damp cloths or similar, then dry the applied area or surface.

Maintenance Of Pressure Valves

A daily check at commissioning and during service is absolutely necessary:

  • Check the operation of the valve blades or shutters.
  • Check resistors.
  • Electrical controls and connections
  • Avoid obstructions in the internal and external passages of the valve itself.

The Doors Of The Cold Chamber

The doors of a cold room must follow the same check and cleaning guidelines, avoiding the formation of ice on the joints and particularly on the floor since this would be a clear sign of failure or malfunction of the door itself:

  • Visually check the condition of the hinges, closures, joints, and frames.
  • Thoroughly check the closing system both inside and outside.
  • Lubricate hinges, joints, or other elements that have play or movement.
  • Verify the correct operation of the perimeter resistances, if any.
  • Replace any component that is damaged and that may cause a certain problem.

Primordial Attention To Impairments

The deterioration that may affect the surfaces of the floor panels, the protections of the chamber, the insulation, vapor barriers, etc. must be treated with the utmost urgency.

Refrigerator Equipment

Check the inspection and maintenance times of the installation company. Verify the registration in the corresponding industry council of the legalization of the equipment.