Work With Us

To become a host family, you can contact us for more details.

Recruitment of volunteers is suspended due to the pandemic.

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Help at the shelter

In order to allow the animals present at the refuge to have fun and receive moments of affection , our volunteers come to  walk the dogs and cuddle the cats.

This help is essential to improve the daily life of our residents and to make them happy!

Become a host family

Being a foster family is a special mission which requires availability and a lot of love .

The foster family undertakes to welcome, on a voluntary basis, at its home a fragile animal  according to its preferences until the animal is adopted.

Participate in collections

We organize food drives in supermarkets or specialty stores. We are looking for volunteers who can run a booth and inform the public about the various activities of the LPA-NF.

Track adoptions

We need volunteers who can come to the homes of adopters in order to monitor the living conditions of adopted animals.

It is a mission which requires availability and sometimes composure!

Any help is welcome !

You have  professional skills that could help us,  contact us!